About Act 10

Frequenty Asked Questions

Anytime we take on a project such as this, we must be prepared for the inevitable doubters. There are those that doubt the accuracy and validity of the information we present. They will question our sources, our motives, our integrity, our honesty, and sometimes even our right to look deeper into our own governments and demand accountability. We recognize that we cannot alleviate all doubt about all things, but we may be able to put some fears aside by talking about how we do what we do.

The Sources Of Our Data

We made a decision very early on in this project to only get information from authoritative government sources. Our intent is to provide raw, factual data that is then personalized as much as possible. To this end, we have not included data from bloggers, television/print/internet/radio media, politicians, or from anyone other than government sources that make their data publicly available to everyone.

All information regarding assessed property values, levies for schools, technical colleges, and county and municipal levies for 2007-2010 was received from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue via their Government Publications page.

Various information about school district taxation came from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction via their Wisconsin School District Taxes and Levy Rates page.

Because complete 2011 tax data is not yet available from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, it was necessary to assemble this information from various sources including the ones named above, but also the Wisconsin State Legislative Fiscal Bureau. In addition, our volunteers sent email messages to most of the 1900 municipalities in Wisconsin requesting their data for the 2011/12 tax year. Many responded in a timely and accurate manner, for which we are very grateful.

In the absence of factual hard numbers received from municipal sources, we are forced to calculate what we believe the 2011 figures to be. These calculations are done based on 2010 tax data, historical increases and decreases, and known average savings experienced by municipalities that enacted many of the cost saving tools in Act 10. We realize that these calculations and estimates cannot replace real numbers, and we will continue to collect this information and update our database for the length of this project, and beyond.

Additional education and knowledge was received from the Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance. While we very much appreciate their research and the educational opportunities their web site provides, we did not use any of their research or data to perform our calculations or estimations.

Information about Act 10 in general, was taken from the Wisconsin Reforms and Results Web Site. No data, numbers, statistics, estimations, etc. from this web site were used in our calculations. Some information from this site is repeated on our About Act 10 page, but none of this commentary or information was included in our data.

How Do You Get Your Funding?

We the People of the Republic is a privately-funded, independent, grassroots 501(c)4 "Tea Party" organization that relies on the generosity of our fellow Patriots to produce tools like iSaveWithAct10.com. We operate on a shoestring budget. If you would like to make a donation to We the People of the Republic, you may do so here. Please note that donations are not deductible for income tax purposes.

If You Believe You Found a Problem...

We make every effort to verify the quality, accuracy, and truthfulness of the information we present. We have many thousands of bits of data that go into the process of calculating your savings under Act 10, and we must pull this information from various government agencies. This is a time intensive and manual process. We have many checks to make sure the data is valid and cohesive, but with 1900 municipalities in Wisconsin reporting tax data for many years - to different agencies - in different formats, there are bound to be errors.

Our goal is not to slant the results of Act 10 to favor any one party or person. We are a non-partisan organization. Our goal is, to the best we absolutely can, estimate your personal savings under the reforms enacted by Act 10. If you feel we are estimating your saving incorrectly, it is possible that we have bad data from your municipality. We encourage you to contact us via email to let us know about your findings. You may also use this email address for any concerns you may have about this site, or to learn more about our organization.